LantixPro Studios is an indie games and media developer founded on October 5th, 2011 by Michael Godinez, and Mattie Ramirez; initially created to produce comics that slowly evolved to encompass games and more.


We work hard to bring you fun games, stories, and experiences of various genres. Our goal is to create immersive stories and experiences that hopefully the player will love, and remember forever.


Meet the Developers 


Art by FishyFrog.tumblr.com!

Mattie Ramirez

Mattie Ramirez is a 17-year old indie developer and one of the co-founders of LantixPro Studios. She was the founder of Draw101, LantixPro’s Rival; which was later dissolved and merged into the newer LantixPro Studios.


She devotes a lot of her time to LantixPro Studios and hopes to make it better as time goes on. When she’s not working on LantixPro-related projects, she can be found drawing, writing, gaming, or sleeping.