December Update!

Hey guys! Sorry about having not updated frequently. We’ve been hard at work lately, and some of the games in progress are almost done! We’re also working towards updating an old game of ours, that was already released a while back. We plan on adding it to the site, right after we polish it as best as we can.
We’ll give you a small glimpse of our upcoming lineup, these three being the closest three to being ready and completed:


  • Planet Protector (Dec. 2015 – Jan. 2016)
    “A space shooter that’s more than what it seems…”
  • Tnanks (TBA)
    The world’s favourite game show just got deadly.”
  • Cherry Bomb Blast (2014)
    “Dr. Tordoc convinces the world that fruit is evil!”


Now, I know these don’t sounds like much, but we’ve put a lot of time and effort into these projects, and we hope you really enjoy them upon their release. And with the release of new games… comes new mysteries to the console


Thanks for your patience!



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