Joe-nuary Update

Howdy! Micky here…whoever that is. LantixPro has been on another hiatus. Why? Great question! You see, we’re not totally free with time and it must be devoted to other things, like school! I remember when people didn’t have to go to school! What a time that must’ve been. Anyways, here’s a few things I want to point out.


We’re still experimenting with engines/languages to fully create a memorable experience with our games.


We still have a passion and a love for our craft, albeit a very slow passion and love.


We are still committed to our goal, and it’s not something we want to give up so easily.


We are still LantixPro.



Aww, what a cute little thing I did there! Did you see that? How neat! Sarcasm aside, I meant everything. I really wish I could be more active on this site and I really should be, and I blame myself for my inconsistency and I will make better of this situation.


We currently don’t have anything big planned, but I’ll think of something soon for our website. If you really want us to do something, feel free to contact us for suggestions you may have. We are all ears to our fans. Especially one.


Thanks Joe,




Micky Glooby

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