Wave 2: Cherry Bomb’s Back!

Mattie again, and we’re back with an April Update!


This month we’re announcing the upcoming release of Cherry Bomb Blast (2018 Edition)! That’s right, folks! Nearly four years after the game’s original release, we’re touching it up with polished menus, achievements, working leader-boards, new music, a bit of extra content, and… everything in the full-game, or Gold Edition, will be available upon release! Get ready for Dr. Tordoc to return within the next few months.


Cherry Bomb Blast as it appeared on Amazon. (April, 2018)


Originally, Cherry Bomb Blast was a game that gave you access to limited content; asking that you upgrade to premium for $1.99 before being able to access the full game. Although still being debated, Cherry Bomb Blast (2018 Edition) will either be free, or priced at $0.99 depending on the circumstances of the game’s release. We’ll keep you updated on the details as they are decided.



In other news, we’ve gone love with new-ish LantixPro Twitter and Tumblr Accounts! Catch the latest updates or promotions there and interact with us! Hopefully we’ll be able to continue a steady upkeep of our accounts, and hopefully add more over time! Join us at @LantixProStudio (Twitter) and @LantixProStudios (Tumblr)!


We’re also continuing work on our promotion of Fort Zombie Redux (2018 Edition)! Not much has changed yet, but we’re working to get the game on as many platforms as possible! Be sure to share the game with your friends and help us get it out there! I think that about covers it for now, though! I hope you all have a wonderful day, and I’ll see you again next time.


– Mattie Ramirez of LantixPro Studios

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