Wave 2: Fort Zombie Redux!

Hey guys, Mattie here!

We have a lot of new things in-store for LantixPro Studios, let’s take a look at what’s been done and what’s planned!



Fort Zombie Redux and Level Creator Release!


Today we just released the first entry from LantixPro Studios’ Wave 2 Project: Fort Zombie Redux and the FZ Level Creator! These two games from the Fort Zombie Series have been touched up and given extra content and released on the GameJolt website for people to play! We’ve added a lot of new content such as new levels, new bosses, and two new endings to the game! They’re up and ready to play, so have fun! Eventually we’ll start publishing on other platforms such as Kongregate, the Chrome Web Store, and more! We’ll keep you updated as we release to other platforms and update the game with bug-fixes and extra content. Spread the word!



You can play the game here!


What’s Next for Wave 2?


What’s in-store for LantixPro Studios? Well, up-next for the Wave 2 Project we’re looking at releasing Fort Zombie 2 with a few touch ups to make it more… playable. Not only that, but we’re looking at finding the right platforms to publish it on (since it’s not getting an official 201X Update). So keep your eyes peeled for that coming soon!



Another series we’re setting our eyes on is the Infinite Dungeon Series! We’ve managed to uncover Infinite Dungeon as well as its Newgrounds predecessor: Infinite. Hopefully after a few touch ups and fine-tuning are done to make it playable, we’ll release it here (and possibly on GameJolt) too! SuperGame is ready but… we’re not sure it’s something that people would be interested in seeing. We’ll update you if we decide to release it!



Well, that’s all for now! See you next time and have a nice day!

– Mattie Ramirez of LantixPro Studios

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