Cherry Bomb Blast

“Dr. Tordoc has convinced the world that fruits are evil! Destroy fruits and avoid bombs to save the world!”

– Cherry Bomb Blast (2014), Amazon Description



Cherry Bomb Blast was a game originally designed by Michael Godinez prior to 2014, developing two functional demos; using original music composed by himself. The idea revolved around clicking on fast moving fruits to gain points, and losing when you clicked on hazards such as bombs.



At some point in Early 2014, Mattie Ramirez picked up the project alongside a few others to be submitted to the FGL Mobile Platform, taking part in a program that would help promote published games and pay for each of them. On September 18th, 2014, Cherry Bomb Blast was released on the Amazon for Android Devices; featuring the first appearance of Doctor Tordoc, a world-renowned doctor who has convinced the world that all fruits are evil… and need to be destroyed. Featuring four maps and a boss battle (available through upgrading to Cherry Bomb Blast Gold), the game has a huge expansion from the initial two demos.


Cherry Bomb Blast on Amazon. (April 2018)


Although plans were made for earlier reworks, none were ever made publicly available until 2018. Due to an attempt to update the original app rather than republish the game, the original app was taken down in April 2018; nearly four years after the app’s original release.


The story of the game revolves around a mysterious figure named Doctor Tordoc, a world-renowned doctor that has convinced the entire world that fruits are evil, and must be destroyed. Over the course of the game the player comes in-contact with weapons of fruit warfare and slowly uncovers the true secrets of the mysterious Doctor Tordoc…