Fort Zombie Redux (2018)

“The Zombies are attacking! Construct walls and plant bombs to protect yourself from oncoming waves of zombies! Follow the story of Charlie and the secrets of their past as you fight for your life in Fort Zombie Redux!”
Fort Zombie Redux (2018), GameJolt Description



Fort Zombie Redux (2018 Edition) was released as a part of LantixPro Studio’s Wave 2 Project, and is a tuned-up, improved, and expanded version of the original Fort Zombie Redux; which was released in 2015. The game was released on January 27th, 2018 alongside the FZ Level Creator which was improved with a few bug fixes and better functionality after being discontinued in 2016. It was initially released on GameJolt, with plans to further publish it.


The 2018 Edition of FRZ includes a variety of new features that weren’t present in the original release. This includes things such as four new levels, two boss battles, two alternate endings, and a newly functional leaderboard.





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