Alalyri (2017)

“A slain Galactic Hero reborn as a young child named Alalyri, with the help of a paid mercenary, sets out across the galaxy to finish what her predecessor started.”


Making its debut on May 12th, 2017, Alalyri is LantixPro’s First Official Webcomic Series; following the story of a young, alien girl who is the reincarnation of an old Galactic Hero, Alalyri sets out with a mercenary paid by her father to finish the job that her predecessor had begun many long years ago. Written by LantixPro’s Mattie Ramirez, Alalyri is a Sci-Fi adventure set in a far-away galaxy detailing the struggles and expectations of a hero to-be.



The Introductory Chapter was completed on July 7th, 2017 with the first Act beginning on the following week on July 14th, 2017. Only three episodes were released until the webcomic was put on a long-term hiatus due to both moving and personal issues dealt with by the author. There are plans to continue it and all Six Acts in the future, although a date has not been specified.



“An adorable art style with a compelling story and great characters. 10/10”
– Saph Mahr


– Nyx Mashkow


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