Wave 2: Announcements + FZR Update!

Hey guys, it’s Mattie again!


Today, I’m here to talk about the new platform releases for Fort Zombie Redux (2018 Edition)! It may not seem like a lot, but I want to keep you all updated on our latest releases!


As of today, we have released Fort Zombie Redux (2018) on the following platforms:



And more coming soon! We’ve already applied to be featured on Addicting Games… exciting! Hopefully we’ll be able to get our games to a wider audience, and get a bit of exposure. It’s always great to get feedback from fans of our content! But that’s enough about that…


(We also got a 3/5 Rating of Newgrounds for FZR! Woo!)



Another thing I want to talk about is… future releases! I have my eye on a few games I want to touch up and re-release… including Infinite/Infinite Dungeon and Cherry Bomb Blast (Gold Edition)! I can’t say for sure what’s coming up next with that, but it’s definitely what we’re considering as the next installments in our Wave 2 Project!


They’re a bit buggy and outdated, so they’ll take a bit of tuning up. Another issue has to do with Cherry Bomb Blast’s previous release and how we’ll make the Gold Edition available; whether choosing for it to be free or not… it’s yet to be decided! What’s your guys take on it? Is there a specific release you’re excited for…?



We also want to announce that we’re considering beginning a devblog for one of our non-Wave 2 Projects currently in development… It’s been in the making for some time now, although it’s faaar from being complete. I’m excited to show you all my work; but starting a devblog is a commitment! I don’t want to miss any regular updates and leave you all hanging! I suppose we’ll let you know when that is all sorted out.



In the meantime… take care! See you next time and I hope you have a nice day!

– Mattie Ramirez of LantixPro Studios


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